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In recent post we've discussed the reason behind free cosmetic samples, where to find cosmetic free samples directly and other free samples sites. As always, we've delivered our own newly found free samples which are provided for you at the end of each article here at Cosmetic Free Samples Online. Today we will discuss a new approach for getting free cosmetic samples. This new method is much different then the processes previously reviewed. This article will instruct you how to get cosmetic samples for free from the manufacturer without the uses of an internet connection.. well almost.

The reason why you may still need to use the internet to get these cosmetic free samples is that it is the best and fastest way to get information and you will need to find the cosmetic manufacturer's physical addresses. The reason why you will need these cosmetic companies addresses is because one of the most effective ways to grab someones attention is through a hand written letter. Between span and junk mail many of the emails sent to these companies may be over looked and disregarded.

cosmetic free samplesOne of the best perks of mailing a hand written letter asking for cosmetic free samples is that you may gain access to free samples, coupons and discounts which aren't available to those who only search for cosmetic free samples online. You may think that this method is a bit tedious, depending on how many free cosmetic samples you want it may or may not be. Writing a hand written letter is just another way for you to get your hands on even more cosmetic free samples.

When writing a the letter I would not recommend to simply ask for cosmetic free samples directly but instead discuss something you found wrong with one of their products or even compliment them on the quality of their goods. Either way you may be pleasantly surprised at the rewards you may receive by just showing your interest in the company.

As I said earlier this method for gathering cosmetic free samples is a bit more low tech then the others but can be just as, if not more effective. Cosmetic free samples are a bit harder to find then some of the other types of free samples and you may have to get a bit creative to get your freebies. All in all, if you come out if it all with a little hard work and a bunch of free cosmetic samples it was truly worth the effort.

Now for the good part of the article. Today we will be sharing a cosmetic free sample for Maybelline Dramateyes mascara. This is Maybelline's newest line of zero clump mascara. If you are interested in requesting this free cosmetic sample, you can get it here... Free Maybelline Mascara Samples.

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